While it is Great to have Friends who like to Discuss Elements of the Law


While it is great to have friends who like to discuss elements of the law, it is crucial to separate these from actual legal professionals when you are dealing with the courts.

There is no harm in chattering about a legal issue over a coffee and wondering why it is the way it is, but be careful about introducing your ideas when you are actually in talks with London solicitors or other representation. They will have your best interests at heart and must follow a code of ethics, so you as a client should be able to trust them.


This does not mean you should not ask questions when you need something clarified or double-check something that does not sound right; you after all are the client and need to be happy with the service being delivered. There just needs to be a clear distinction between the two.

Legal enthusiast

It is great to have someone who you can talk about legal matters with aside from your lawyer; naturally it should be someone who you trust and who is interested. While you might like the idea of discussing legal dilemmas with a teenage son or daughter, it is probably best to save this topic of conversation for someone else.
Ideally, you should use a legal enthusiast friend to let off steam about anything you find to be unfair, or talk freely about things that are bothering you personally.


In contrast, your lawyer is there for as an expert who can answer whichever questions you might have about the law and how you should proceed with your case, but is not necessarily there to debate them. They will tell you the relevant details but arguing over a point is not the most productive approach.

When it comes to the emotional side of a family law case – a divorce or family dispute – you would perhaps be best off saving these feelings for when you next see a friend, as, while a lawyer will no doubt sympathise, they are not there to be your friend.


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