Contrary to Popular Belief


Contrary to popular belief, a good estate plan is a relatively inexpensive process and usually pays for itself many times over. Unfortunately, holders of small estates tend to fill out Internet forms without realizing that there are even less expensive ways of transferring assets on death. Conversely, holders of large estates tend to focus almost entirely on asset protection, tax savings, and avoiding probate without realizing that the estate can also be leveraged into a guaranteed investment opportunity.

The attorneys at the Business & Real Estate Law Group have many years of experience in the law of trusts and estates and pride ourselves in providing value-adding advice rather than just form documents. During that time, we’ve provided estate plans and probate services for estates of all sizes. Our expert attorney, Peter Blatt, served as the senior vice president of a large trust company and has published numerous journal articles on the laws of trusts, estates, probate and tax.

Whether you need to put together an estate plan, get help with the probate process, or simply update documents.

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