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In business time is money. Discover time-saving and cost-effective methods of resolving disputes over commercial real estate by calling Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz, LLP With offices in Laredo, Houston and San Antonio, we serve clients throughout Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Disputes Over Commercial Real Estate Matters

When you are trying to conduct business or complete your construction project the last thing you need is for a dispute to erupt and threaten to grind things to a halt. At Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz, LLP, we represent clients and help resolve disputes through either arbitration or mediation. Choosing alternative dispute resolution as opposed to litigation can save you time and money. Speak to us about your options for resolution in the following matters:

Non-Binding Mediation and Binding Arbitration

Depending on which side of an issue you find yourself on in a commercial real estate dispute, mediation or arbitration may be the best choice. If your contract holds you to binding arbitration and you are the consumer in the business relationship, it’s not going to be to your advantage. But if you are representing a builder, binding arbitration is the way to go. One disadvantage of binding arbitration is that decisions cannot be appealed and you cannot file lawsuits. Mediation decisions may be appealed.


Resolving Issues So You Can Focus on Business

In alternative dispute resolution, both parties agree upon an arbitrator, mediator or panel. Our attorneys bring all parties together in a conference room. Opening statements are made and each party’s position on the disputed matter is made clear. We also address non-essential issues at this time. Then, both sides break into different rooms to discuss sticking points and those that may be compromised until a resolution occurs.

In mediation if no resolution occurs litigation is the next step. We are happy to represent you if this happens to be the case. In arbitration arguments are made before an arbitrator or panel in much the same way a trial is conducted. The decision of the arbitrator is final. A decision in arbitration may take up to a week to occur.

To schedule an appointment with a commercial real estate lawyer, contact Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz, LLP today. We provide ethical, energetic, and above all effective, legal services to business clients throughout South Texas.

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